It is important that your pet fasts from solid food from 9pm the previous night of the appointed surgery. This means no food but they should have free access to water at all times, unless otherwise advised by the vet.

Our clinic is open from 8:30am Monday-Saturday. Your pet should be admitted to us before 9am on the day of surgery, unless otherwise advised.

After your pet has undergone surgery and is discharged, your job during the recovery period at home is just as important as the surgery. Expect your pet to be drowsy with poor balance after surgery and anaesthesia. Do not allow dogs to jump in an out of the car. Sudden movements can damage stitches and cause serious pain.

Your pet will be given pain relief during their time in the clinic and normally you will receive pain relief tablets to administer at home.

Every pet discharged from the our clinics receives detailed instructions about wound management, home care, at-home physical therapy (if required), exercise restrictions and timelines for recovery. These recommendations are based on the type of surgery your pet has received and individualised for each patient. If you are unsure about any details of post-operative care, please ask for clarification before leaving the clinic.

Following surgery, if you have any questions or concerns about your pet’s well-being, we recommend you initially contact your local vet directly for assistance (the vet that initially referred you to NOAH). Your vet will contact NOAH if additional information or intervention is required.

Wishing your pets the speediest of recovery.

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