Orthopaedic Surgery - Joint Replacement

Our facility here at Noah has both the equipment and the valuable experience in performing joint replacement for the hip, elbow and knee. We use the cement-less total hip replacement for dogs from 20-25kg bodyweight and the micro cemented hip for dogs under 20kg.

Our elbow implant procedure is totally cement-less and is the Tate elbow system.

The knee implants are a mix between cemented and cement-less.

To read more about Hip Replacements and Hip Dysplasia in Dogs you can download our PDF on the topic by clicking here

These recordings represent only a small period of the surgery. They are intended for fellow surgeons or those with a keen interest in surgery.
This recording may contain graphic images of surgery which some viewers may find offensive.

Total Hip Replacement - View of Implant

More videos are available on this subject on our YouTube Channel