Orthopaedic Surgery - Fracture Repair

Fractures can occur in a number of ways, and so there are terms associated with the type of fracture that might occur. For example; salter is a type of fracture that occurs through the growth plate of the bone. This part of bone is located at the top or bottom of a long bone such as the femur or tibia. These are usually problematic in immature animals that are still growing. As we reach adulthood this part of bone hardens. Salter fractures can interrupt both normal bone growth, and can greatly influence repair.

Fracture repair in small animals can range from plate, to pins or external fixators. At NOAH we have all the different types of plates (inc locking), and the power drills (Synthes) to insert them. Exernal fixators including ring or Ilizarov fixators are frequently used for repair of fractures of the long bones of the extremities. Locking pins can also be a useful implant in some fractures. Because we are a referral centre we would see many cases of complications following fracture repair at other clinics. Most of these complications can be rectified such as nonunion, malunion or osteomyeltis.

These recordings represent only a small period of the surgery. They are intended for fellow surgeons or those with a keen interest in surgery.
This recording may contain graphic images of surgery which some viewers may find offensive.

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